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John "David" Riggs holds a bachelor's degree in business management from California State University, Fullerton, California. Born in Dover, Pennsylvania, his family moved to Southern California when he was very young and he grew up in Ontario, a foothill community just east of Los Angeles.
He is a U.S. Army, Vietnam veteran, part of the Army Security Agency,attached to the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. He served in-country at Bien Hoa, Lai Khe and Minh Thanh, one of the heaviest defoliant-sprayed areas in Vietnam. He is now partially disabled with combat-related hearing loss and health issues related to exposure to agent orange. He continues to address these issues through the Veteran's Administration in Salt Lake.

Married with two grown daughters and six grand children, he is a retired business executive for over thirty years in Southern California and retired to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state where he sailed his 26' Pearson Ariel sailboat around the Puget Sound and up to the San Juan Islands. After moving to St. George, Utah, he served as Ride Captain for the Patriot Guard Riders of Southern Utah, a patriotic motorcycle group that helps provide military honors at the funerals of veterans and combat soldiers. He currently resides in Midway, Utah, enjoys foreign travel, computers and riding his motorcycle.

"Lord of Obstacles" and "Bomarcus" are the first two parts of a three-part series written around a military theme.

He wrote the original screenplay for the 1980's horror film, "Bloody Movie," directed by Andre De Toth and starring John Ireland, Aldo Ray, Dan Haggerty and Cameron Mitchell, (see film listing and Original Movie Trailer below).


Special recognition and thanks must go to all military and combat veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and the War on Terror.
Additionally, my gratitude and respect goes out to the members of the Patriot Guard Riders around the country, for all the work you do as volunteers to render honor to our fallen military and veterans, you have my eternal thanks!

Many thanks to Poetical Journeys Newsletter and Bob Casey for the initial publication of the poem, Straight and Strong in November, 2014, dedicated to the Patriot Guard Riders across the nation.

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My own personal salute to all the fine Veterans Administration hospitals and medical centers as well as to the wonderful and caring people who work with veterans! The dedicated and untiring treatment of wounded veterans, those suffering from PTSD and Agent Orange exposure is truly inspiring!

The adapted screenplay version of Lord of Obstacles was named
'Official Finalist' in the 2013 California Film Awards screenplay competition!

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